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University of Utah Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering Biography

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“At the University of Utah, the Department of Civil & Environmental ENgineering (CvEEN) boasts one of the nation’s most rapidly growing departments and a large diverse faculty. ‘U’ Engineers are trained in professional communications, project management and their technical discipline with opportunities to seek advanced degrees in engineering, law, business, or medicine. The department and local industry offer paid internships, scholarships and employment opportunities to more than 80% of CvEEN students; helping to defray the cost of tuition and living expenses for its top students while giving them opportunities to gain professional experience.”

“About Civil & Environmental Engineering,” (accessed Dec. 17, 2008)


“Provide high quality education in engineering and leadership, life-long learning opportunities, and innovation for the benefit of the State of Utah and the world.”

“Vision & Mission Statement,” (accessed Dec. 17, 2008)

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