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United States Carbon Sequestration Council Biography

Con to the question "Can Alternative Energy Effectively Replace Fossil Fuels?"

“Electricity is needed to give us light, to power our appliances, to power our televisions and computers, and to enable all of the work saving gadgets that we own. In order to meet these fundamental needs, we will need ever more energy, especially in the emerging economies of the world. This again translates to a very rapid growth in global energy demand, especially the demand for electricity. In the U.S. alone, electricity demand is expected to double by mid-century…

The large growth in global energy demand can only be met by relying on all of our energy resources. No single energy resource can meet such requirements. If we are to avoid energy shortages, we need to greatly expand our use of fossil fuels, nuclear energy, renewables and conservation.”

“Is Carbon Capture & Storage (CCS) Needed? How Can We Make It Happen Sooner?,”, Apr. 2009


“The U.S. Carbon Sequestration Council (USCSC) is a non-profit coalition of scientists, engineers, academics, environmentalists, and leaders form the business and the public sectors. These individuals, from 40 U.S. States and 4 Canadian Provinces, have pledged their time, their money, and their ingenuity to develop something of lasting value to our society: a source of low cost and pollution-free energy. One of the unique aspects of the USCSC is its broad network of nationally and internationally renowned experts, provided by its non-profit members.”

“About Us,” (accessed Sep. 18, 2009)


“[To] provide the public and decision makers with a ‘40,000-foot’ perspective of the status of this technology [carbon capture and storage], and recommend reasonable pathways to fill the existing gaps that block broad deployment.”

“About Us,” (accessed Sep. 18, 2009)

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