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Tyndall Centre for Climate Change Research Biography

Not Clearly Pro or Con to the question "Can Alternative Energy Effectively Replace Fossil Fuels?"

“[E]nergy technologies, such as wind, wave or photovoltaics, are intermittent. Meeting variable energy demand with uncertain supply will be a major challenge for sustainable electricity systems. New energy supply technologies will therefore need to be accompanied by flexibility or by demand management and increases in energy storage.”

“Ensuring New and Renewable Energy Can Meet Electricity Demand,”, Sep. 15, 2005


“The Tyndall Centre brings together scientists, economists, engineers and social scientists, who together are working to develop sustainable responses to climate change through trans-disciplinary research and dialogue on both a national and international level – not just within the research community, but also with business leaders, policy advisors, the media and the public in general.”

“What is the Tyndall Centre About,” (accessed Nov. 6, 2008)


“To become an internationally recognised source of high quality and integrated climate-change research, and to exert a seminal influence on the design and achievability of the long-term strategic objectives of UK and international climate policy.”

“Tyndall Centre Objectives,” (accessed Nov. 6, 2008)

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