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Tony Pietrangelo, MBA Biography

Former Chief Nuclear Officer and Senior Vice President of the Nuclear Energy Institute
Not Clearly Pro or Con to the question "Can Alternative Energy Effectively Replace Fossil Fuels?"

“Today, the United States depends on nuclear energy for 20 percent of the electricity that powers the country’s economy and strengthens energy security. Our 104 nuclear power plants operate on average more than 90 percent of the time. In comparison, hydro, wind, and solar have average capacity factors in the range of 24 to 30 percent. This makes nuclear energy one of the most reliable sources of electricity in the world. As we plan for our future, we must continue to utilize and build upon this historically reliable supply of electricity.”

“Nuclear Power in America: Five Reasons Why It’s Safe and Reliable,”, Mar. 21, 2011

Involvement and Affiliations:
  • Chief Nuclear Officer and Senior Vice President, Nuclear Energy Institute (NEI), 2006-2017
  • Manager of Licensing and Regulation, Nuclear Energy Institute, 1989-2006
  • Former project engineer for construction of nuclear power plants, Westinghouse Electric Corp.
  • MBA, Keller Graduate School of Management, DeVry University, 2000
  • BS, Industrial Engineering, Fu Foundation School of Engineering and Applied Science, Columbia University, 1979
  • He retired from the NEI on Jan. 13, 2017
  • Has testified before Congress on issues related to nuclear energy
  • Has led industry efforts in areas including regulatory guidance on configuration risk management and shutdown/outage management
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