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“We create opportunities for learning, stimulate imaginations, and present challenging ideas about our country’s past…

The Museum collects and preserves more than 3 million artifacts—all true national treasures. We take care of everything from the original Star-Spangled Banner and Abraham Lincoln’s top hat to Dizzy Gillespie’s angled trumpet and Dorothy’s ruby slippers from ‘The Wizard of Oz.’ Our collections form a fascinating mosaic of American life and comprise the greatest single collection of American history.

Our exhibitions explore major themes in American history and culture, from the War of Independence to the present day…

The Museum hosts a full roster of public programs, from demonstrations, lectures and tours to storytelling and festivals.”

“Mission and History,” (accessed Dec. 29, 2008)


“The museum works to ensure that our collections, exhibitions, research, publications and educational programs all support the Museum’s basic mission—to inspire a broader understanding of our nation and its many peoples—and to make our exhibitions and programs as accessible as possible to all visitors.”

“Mission and History,” (accessed Dec. 29, 2008)

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