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Palo Alto Research Center (PARC) Biography

Not Clearly Pro or Con to the question "Can Alternative Energy Effectively Replace Fossil Fuels?"

“Rising fossil-fuel prices, recent geopolitical developments, and environmental concerns have led to growing demand for renewable energy sources such as solar. Not only is solar energy secure, widely available, and carbon-free, but more energy from the sun strikes the earth every hour than is consumed on the planet in a year.

Though sunlight is considered a ‘compelling solution’ to the ‘need for clean, abundant sources of energy,’ solar energy currently provides only 0.01 percent of the total electricity supply. However, recent market trends, regulatory pressures, consumer incentives, and technological advancements are together driving solar energy costs down relative to conventional fossil fuel-derived energy.

Increasing global investor interest has helped bring solar energy into the mainstream.”

“Technology Advances in Delivering Cost-Competitive Solar Energy,”, 2006


“Incorporated in 2002 as an independent research business, PARC is celebrated for such innovations as laser printing, distributed computing and Ethernet, the graphical user interface (GUI), object-oriented programming, and ubiquitous computing. PARC is a wholly owned subsidiary of Xerox Corporation.”

“About PARC,” (accessed Jan. 27, 2009)


“PARC works closely with varied enterprises and new ventures to discover breakthrough business and technology concepts that solve real needs, and transform how enterprises deliver value to customers. PARC takes an agile, multidisciplinary approach to open innovation – by bringing together physical, computer, biological, and social scientists who have the vision, expertise, and instinct to convert groundbreaking scientific findings into industrial-strength prototypes.”

“About PARC,” (accessed Jan. 27, 2009)

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