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Paleontological Research Institution (PRI) Biography

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“The Paleontological Research Institution, or ‘PRI,’ is a natural history museum with a mission including both research and education.

In research, PRI’s claim-to-fame is one of the largest research collections of fossils in North America, publication of one of the longest running technical journals in paleontology in the Western Hemisphere, and a large interdisciplinary library.

In education, PRI provides outreach to age groups from preschoolers to seniors, both locally and nationally, using a wide variety of media such as exhibits, presentations, books, video, and what you see here on the internet. Our newest and most exciting excursion in education is the new Museum of the Earth.”

“What We Are Today,” (accessed June 24, 2009)


“[T]o increase and disseminate knowledge about the history and evolution of the Earth and its life.”

“About PRI,” (accessed June 24, 2009)

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