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Nuclear Information and Resource Service Biography

Pro to the question "Can Alternative Energy Effectively Replace Fossil Fuels?"

“What we need to do is get rid of both of our addictions: carbon and uranium…

There are numerous renewable energy technologies available which could be expanded and many more that have great potential and should be pursued and funded more aggressively…

It has been estimated that the solar energy available in a 100-square-mile area of Nevada could supply the United States with all its electricity needs…

It has been estimated that wind energy has the potential to satisfy the world’s electricity needs 40 times over, and could meet all global energy demand five times over.”

“False Promises: Debunking the Nuclear Industry Propaganda,”, May 2008


“We were founded to be the national information and networking center for citizens and environmental activists concerned about nuclear power, radioactive waste, radiation and sustainable energy issues.”

“About NIRS,” (accessed Dec. 5, 2008)


“We initiate large-scale organizing and public education campaigns on specific issues, such as preventing construction of new reactors, radioactive waste transportation, deregulation of radioactive materials, and more.”

“About NIRS,” (accessed Dec. 5, 2008)

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