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Con to the question "Can Alternative Energy Effectively Replace Fossil Fuels?"

“Let’s face facts – current alternative energy technology is not capable of supporting a modern industrial nation like the U.S. For evidence, look no further than California…

Take wind and solar power as examples. Californians have increasingly tried to rely upon them, but they simply cannot support a 21st-century economy…

Solar power is an equally unrealistic option…

How about hydrogen-produced electricity? It is flawed, too. Free hydrogen does not exist on Earth, so it must be extracted – and electricity is needed to extract it. As William Tucker noted in The Weekly Standard, this characteristic of hydrogen-produced electricity prevents it from being a viable option…

As California’s example illustrates, reliance on alternative energy leads to energy shortages.”

“It’s Time to Face Facts – Current Alternative Energy Options Don’t Add Up,” by Syd Gernstein,, Aug. 2001


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