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Not Clearly Pro or Con to the question "Can Alternative Energy Effectively Replace Fossil Fuels?"

“Renewable power is fueled by clean sources such as wind, sunshine, geothermal currents and ocean tides or waves. Though its potential is vast, serious technological and policy problems must be overcome before it will play much of a part in our energy mix…

The United States gets less than 1% of its power from wind, but the industry is growing at about 25% a year worldwide and, thanks mainly toTexas, the U.S. is building wind farms faster than any other country. The potential is almost limitless. A 2005 study by researchers at Stanford University found that there is enough wind worldwide to satisfy global electricity demand seven times over, even if only 20% of the power could be captured. Such theoretical figures, of course, don’t address the practicalities of cost, access and variability (the wind doesn’t blow all the time, so wind power has to be supplemented by other sources) that make harvesting so much wind power nearly impossible…

Enough solar energy hits the Earth in an hour to supply all the world’s electricity needs for a year. A 100-square-mile area of Nevada, if equipped with solar devices, could supply the U.S. with all the power it needs, according to the Energy Department. Again, such pronouncements don’t address the real-world practicalities…

The government can do many other small things to encourage renewable power, like raising subsidies and extending production tax credits, but they would have only an incremental effect. There is one genuine solution to climate change: Users of fossil fuels must pay the full cost of their environmental damage. A carbon tax would instantly create a thriving market for clean, alternative power sources such as wind and solar.”

“The Renewable Energy Future,” Los Angeles Times, Sep. 17, 2007


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The Times publishes five regional editions covering the Los Angeles metropolitan area, Orange and Ventura counties, the San Fernando Valley, and an Inland Empire edition covering Riverside and San Bernardino counties.

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The Times also publishes four weekly sections: Health (Monday), Food* (Wednesday), Home (Saturday) and Image (Sunday). The Envelope, the awards insider, appears weekly throughout Fall/Winter entertainment awards season and also publishes several issues to coincide with the Primetime Emmys.

In addition, LA, the new Sunday magazine, is distributed in the paper monthly and is created by a distinct editorial staff.”

“Facts About the Times: Introduction,” (accessed Apr. 20, 2009)


“The Los Angeles Times is the only newspaper in the West with the resources and commitment to cover important stories wherever they happen. We strive to be the definitive news source for Californians, an essential part of the national news dialogue, and the voice of Los Angeles around the world.”

“Facts About The Times,” (accessed Apr. 20, 2009)

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