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Lew Tagliaferre Biography

Retired Executive Director of the Electrical Contracting Foundation
Con to the question "Can Alternative Energy Effectively Replace Fossil Fuels?"

“As for renewables, I don’t think we have any technology to seriously replace fossil fuels yet. Consider the solar utility plant that Obama dedicated yesterday [Oct. 27, 2009] in FL. It is only 75MW and takes more than 180 acres of land. A typical coal plant is 800-1,000 MW and needs less space. A typical wind generator produces only 2.5MW. In small decentralized local applications they have their place.”

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  • Proprieter, C-E-G Group
  • Member, Association of Energy Engineers
  • Retired Executive Director, Electrical Contracting Foundation
  • Former Director of Marketing and Management Services, National Electrical Contractors Association
  • Has completed engineering and business administration degrees, both with academic honors
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