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Justin Scroggs, JD, MS Biography

Associate Landman with the Chesapeake Energy Corporation
Not Clearly Pro or Con to the question "Can Alternative Energy Effectively Replace Fossil Fuels?"

“Fossil fuels can also be integrated with renewables. For example, Victorville II, a hybrid solar/natural gas power plant that is being built in California, will supplement its natural gas generation with solar electricity. Natural gas power plants can be used to supplement wind energy when the wind isn’t blowing. By integrating fossil fuels with renewable energy, fossil fuel energy can be slowly phased out as it becomes more costly while renewable energy is increased as it becomes more cost efficient…

As energy consumption continues to increase, global climate change and other factors make natural gas a viable transitional fuel for reducing CO2 and other harmful emissions and bridging the gap in energy need as technology and markets for renewable fuels develop.”

“Natural Gas: Today’s Alternative Fuel?,” Energy Committee Newsletter, June 2008

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  • Associate Landman, Chesapeake Energy Corporation
  • JD/MS, Geology, University of Tulsa, 2008
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