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Hermann Scheer, PhD Biography

Founding President of the European Association for Renewable Energies (EUROSOLAR)
Pro to the question "Can Alternative Energy Effectively Replace Fossil Fuels?"

“The future of power lies with renewable energies. The limits of fossil and nuclear energy are more than obvious. Civilisation stands at a critical decision point. The global community can continue down the path to self-annihilation by wasting trillions of precious funds in oil drilling, shale, tar sand and frozen methane production, and pursuing hopeless nuclear fission and fusion research. Or it can end the madness of a bygone era and focus its remaining resources on a strategy of survival and prosperity by building an efficient, equitable and sustainable power infrastructure based on renewable energy.”

“A Global Champion for the Massive Proliferation of Renewable Energy: The International Renewable Energy Agency,” 100 Per Cent Renewable – Energy Autonomy in Action, Ed. Peter Droege, 2009

Involvement and Affiliations:
  • General Chairman, World Council for Renewable Energy, 2001-present
  • Founding President, European Association for Renewable Energies (EUROSOLAR), 1988-present
  • Member, Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe, 1983-present
  • MP (Member of Parliament – Social Democratic Party), German Parliament, 1980-present
  • Recipient, Global Leadership Award, American Council on Renewable Energy (ACROE), 2004
  • Recipient, TIME magazine “Heros for the Green Century” Award, 2002
  • Recipient, Right Livelihood Award, 1999
  • Recipient, World Solar Prize, World Conference on Photovoltaic Solar Energy Conversion, 1998
  • Systems Analyst, German Nuclear Research Center, 1976-1980
  • Assistant Professor, Faculty of Economics, Technical University of Stuttgart (Germany), 1972-1976
  • PhD, Free University Berlin, 1972
  • Attended Heidelberg and Berlin Universities
  • Implemented Germany’s 100,000 solar photovoltaic roof program, the world’s first mass implementation program for roof top solar panel installation
  • Authored and helped implement the German Renewable Energy Sources Act (passed on July 21, 2004)
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