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Ground Water Protection Council (GWPC) Biography

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“The Ground Water Protection Council (GWPC) is a nonprofit (501(c)6) organization whose members consist of state ground water regulatory agencies which come together within the GWPC organization to mutually work toward the protection of the nation’s ground water supplies. The purpose of the GWPC is to promote and ensure the use of best management practices and fair but effective laws regarding comprehensive ground water protection.

We work with people who have a stake in ground water protection – citizens, federal, state and local government officials, environmentalists, various industries and members of congress to pose questions and search for answers that are both practically and politically feasible.”

“About Us,” (accessed Nov. 15, 2011)


“The Ground Water Protection Council is a national association of state ground water and underground injection control agencies whose mission is to promote the protection and conservation of ground water resources for all beneficial uses, recognizing ground water as a critical component of the ecosystem.

The Ground Water Protection Council provides a forum for stakeholder communication and research in order to improve governments’ role in the protection and conservation of ground water.”

“About Us,” (accessed Nov. 15, 2011)

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