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Gary Doer Biography

Former Ambassador of Canada to the United States of America
Pro to the question "Can Alternative Energy Effectively Replace Fossil Fuels?"

“We also believe the Canadian national government should have a sincere and do-able implementation plan to deal with emissions here in Canada. In fact, we have offered to divert some of our sales of future hydroelectric power, which would normally go South to the United States, to the rest of Canada instead, helping to reduce the number of coal fired electricity plants, particularly in Ontario. The elimination of one coal plant in north-western Ontario would be the equivalent of eliminating five hundred and fifty thousand cars a day from the streets of Toronto.

In Manitoba we have eliminated coal plants and are moving to a mix of hydro-energy and wind power. We are also exploring the future potential of hydrogen fuel cells, and we have prototype vehicles and buses being driven on the streets of Winnipeg to demonstrate the effectiveness of the technology.

Do you see significant benefits in Manitoba from taking action to reduce emissions, beyond just the stopping climate change? For examples, are there economic benefits associated with renewable energy?

With new-generation hydro and wind power in Manitoba, Canada has the opportunity to invest in an east-west clean energy grid that will reduce greenhouse gases by replacing coal production in certain provinces with made-in-Canada clean energy. This will provide Canada with energy security and therefore increased economic stability, and provide economic development opportunities in our rural and northern regions. Rural regions are enthusiastically embracing wind as a rural diversification initiative, along with geo-thermal installations and ethanol production. And the north has opportunities for new-generation hydro production in partnership with First Nations communities.”

“The Climate Group: Interview with Gary Doer,”, Mar. 8, 2005

Involvement and Affiliations:
  • Senior Business Advisor, Dentons, 2016-present
  • Ambassador of Canada to the United States of America, 2009-2016
  • Premier of Manitoba, 1999-2009
  • Former Minister of Urban Affairs
  • Member, Manitoba Legislative Assembly, 1986-1999
  • President, Manitoba Government Employees’ Association, 1979-1986
  • Former Deputy Superintendant, Manitoba Youth Center
  • Former at-risk youth conuseler
  • Attended University of Manitoba
  • Named by Business Week magazine as one of the top 20 international leaders on climate change, 2005
  • He is married with two daughters
  • Born Mar. 31, 1948 in Winnipeg, Manitoba
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