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Not Clearly Pro or Con to the question "Can Alternative Energy Effectively Replace Fossil Fuels?"

“Alberta’s oilsands comprise just five per cent of Canada’s overall greenhouse gas emissions or just 0.1 per cent of total world emissions. American emissions from coal dwarf that of Alberta’s oilsands. In 2007, greenhouse gas emissions from the oilsands were 37 megatons. Emissions from U.S. coal-fired electricity the same year were 1,987 megatons. We don’t mean to pick on ‘King Coal’, because all sources of energy will remain important over the coming decades as the world attempts to wean itself from fossil fuels.”

“Pipeline Protestors Ignore Some Inconvienient Truths,”, Aug. 24, 2011


“The Calgary Herald Mining and Ranche Advocate and General Advertiser began publishing as a weekly newspaper on August 31, 1883, when Calgary’s population was just 400 people.

Since then, the Calgary Herald has chronicled the evolution of our vibrant, enterprising city and the world we live in.

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These innovations signal the beginning of a new chapter in the Calgary Herald story.”

“About Us,” (accessed Sep. 23, 2011)


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“About Us,” (accessed Sep. 23, 2011)

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