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Bill Kovarik, PhD Biography

Professor of Communication at Radford University
Pro to the question "Can Alternative Energy Effectively Replace Fossil Fuels?"

“The modern industrial revolution was more the product of the steady accretion of mechanical skills than the advent of new energy sources. It would have come into existence and gone on steadily ‘had not a ton of coal been dug in England, and had not a new iron mine been opened.’ – Lewis Mumford, Technics and Civilization, 1934.

Water, wind and solar power were already widely developed. Even gas light was originally made from wood gas, not coal. There are renewables that can replace every use of petroleum and coal, and they have long been known in history.”

“The Summer Spirit: Myths about Renewable Energy,” (accessed June 23, 2009)

Involvement and Affiliations:
  • Professor, Communication, Radford University
  • Canwest Media Fellow, University of Western Ontario, 2009
  • Academic Representative, Board of Directors, Society of Environmental Journalists
  • Member, Editorial Board, Appalachian Voice
  • Former Professor, Virginia Polytechnic Institute
  • Former Professor, University of Maryland
  • Former Reporter and Editor, Associated Press, Charleston Courier, Baltimore Sun, Time-Life Books, Business Publishers, and the National Center for Appropriate Technology
  • PhD, University of Maryland, 1993
  • MA, University of South Carolina, 1983
  • BA, Virginia Commonwealth University, 1974
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