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Ali I. Al-Naimi, MS Biography

Saudi Arabian Minister of Petroleum and Mineral Resources
Not Clearly Pro or Con to the question "Can Alternative Energy Effectively Replace Fossil Fuels?"

“We have heard recently a number of analysts declare that the end of the Age of Oil is upon us. These naysayers maintain that the world is running out of oil. They say that we need to find alternatives quickly if we are to avoid a calamity of historic proportions. They are drawn to this conclusion by their pessimistic assumptions about remaining oil reserves and the degree to which this oil is recoverable. Unlike these pessimists, I am quite optimistic about the future…

It is undeniable that the world will eventually run out of oil. Demand is projected to increase, and, to the best of my knowledge, oil continues to be a depletable resource. The relevant question is not if, but when. And we believe that there will be no shortage of oil for at least the next 50 years, perhaps much longer…

As you may recall, the shift from coal to oil, which occurred in the late 19th and early 20th centuries, did not occur because the world ran out of coal. It occurred because oil proved to be the superior energy resource.

Eventually, technological advances will usher in a new energy resource to replace oil. Oil will not cede its position as the preeminent fuel because the world runs dry, but because technology has rendered it less desirable. We in Saudi Arabia believe that there are sufficient quantities of oil left to make the transition to the next great energy source a smooth one.”

“The Global Energy Market and U.S.-Saudi Petroleum Relations,” World Energy, Apr. 27, 2004

Involvement and Affiliations:
  • Saudi Arabian Minister of Petroleum and Mineral Resources, 1995-present
  • President, Saudi Aramco, 1983-1995
  • Executive Vice-President, Oil and Gas Affairs, 1981-1983
  • Member, Board of Directors 1980-1981
  • Vice President, Petroleum Affairs, Saudi Aramco, 1978-1980
  • Vice President, Production Affairs, Sauid Aramco, 1975
  • Assistant Director, then Director Production, Northern Province, Saudi Aramco, 1972-1975
  • Supervisor, Production Department, Abqaiq, Saudi Aramco, 1969-1972
  • Economics and Public Relations, Abuqaiq, Saudi Aramco, 1967-1969
  • Hydorologist and Geologist, Saudi Aramco Exploration Department, 1963-1967
  • MS, Geology, Stanford University, 1963
  • BS, Geology, LeHigh University, 1962
  • Joined Saudi Aramco in 1947
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